Bells & Becks Women: Cynthia Kleinbaum Milner & Claudia Romo Edelman of A LA LATINA Podcast

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A Bells & Becks woman is someone you know even without truly knowing her. She’s smart, savvy, put-together, accomplished—and doing it all with flair. These are the women we know, admire, and have in mind when we design. Featuring some of their stories here feels like the best way to celebrate all they’ve accomplished (plus, how they’re doing it with joy and great style). We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Cynthia Kleinbaum Milner & Claudia Romo Edelman both have some serious chops in the corporate world: Cynthia is the CMO of the financial tech company MoneyLion, and Claudia is founder of the We Are All Human Foundation. Together, as co-hosts of the podcast A LA LATINA: The Playbook to Succeed Being Your Authentic Self, they’re working to break the glass ceiling by spotlighting and amplifying the voices of Latinas who are making big strides in corporate America. 

Their podcast celebrates Latina women’s perseverance and resiliency in the face of stereotypes and biases in the professional world—and is an urgent call to action. “This topic is vital to me,” says Claudia. “It reflects my journey and the collective experience of many Latinas striving for recognition and equality.” Cynthia agrees: “As a Latina who's climbed the corporate ladder, I feel a responsibility to hold the door open for others and ensure everyone gets a fair shot.”

As the second season of the podcast goes into full swing, these two inspiring multi-hyphenates reflect on career advice, community empowerment, and their favorite strategies for success—and how the perfect pair of shoes can help them feel grounded, strong, and feminine.

Tell us a little about what you do.  

Cynthia: I fulfill dual roles that are deeply intertwined with empowering and uplifting Latinas in both the corporate and personal finance realms. In my role as CMO of MoneyLion, I spearhead a dynamic team of marketers dedicated to propelling our business forward. As the co-host of A LA LATINA, I have the privilege of interviewing some of the most accomplished Latinas in corporate America. Together, Claudia and I delve into their professional journeys and the strategies they've employed to reach the pinnacle of success. 

In both capacities, my goal is to advocate for Latinas, provide them with valuable insights and resources, and ultimately, help them realize their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Claudia: I am a social entrepreneur and global advocate for equity and inclusion, the founder of We Are All Human Foundation, and co-host of A LA LATINA Podcast. 

What have been some of the most notable wins while building your career? 

Cynthia: Throughout my career, one of the most significant wins has been the opportunity to build and lead exceptional teams. My approach to team building revolves around hiring top talent, aligning on goals and strategies, and empowering team members to excel, which includes getting out of their way and not micromanaging them.  

Claudia: Launching the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and then spinning it off to create the SDG Lions of the Cannes Advertising Festival. Recently, I am proud of the We Are All Human Foundation, and our podcast. These initiatives have significantly advanced Latino unity, perception and representation.

We believe in the idea that if you want something done, ask a busy woman—what are some of your best tricks or hacks for working through a busy schedule and keeping lots of balls in the air?

Claudia: Prioritization and delegation are key. I focus on what only I can do and trust my team with the rest. Also, I schedule 'me' time to recharge, ensuring I'm always performing at my best.

Cynthia: First and foremost, I've learned to avoid the temptation to multitask. It might seem like a time-saver, but in reality, it often ends up taking longer and leads to decreased productivity. Instead, I prioritize being fully present in whatever task I'm tackling. 

Another key mindset shift has been accepting that perfection isn't always attainable or necessary. I aim for around 80% efficiency in most tasks, reserving my perfectionist tendencies for rare occasions where it truly matters. Self-care is also non-negotiable. Making time for myself, whether it's for exercise, meditation, or simply downtime, is crucial for maintaining balance and avoiding burnout.Lastly, I've embraced the power of saying no. Saying no swiftly and decisively, without procrastination, ensures that my time and energy are directed where they're needed most.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received or given? 

Cynthia: The best career advice I've ever received, and subsequently shared, is to adopt a long-term perspective when making career decisions. It's easy to get caught up in short-term gains or immediate opportunities, but it's crucial to consider how each decision will impact your career trajectory in the long run.

Claudia: Never be afraid to ask for what you want. Clear communication and boldness have opened more doors for me than I could have imagined.

Why did you start A LA LATINA? 

Claudia: I started A LA LATINA to amplify Latina voices and stories, showcasing our contributions and challenges. This topic is vital to me as it reflects my journey and the collective experience of many Latinas striving for recognition and equality.

Cynthia: Back when I was at Walmart, I noticed something: Latinas kept coming to me for career advice. It happened so often that I couldn't ignore it. So, I dug a bit deeper and found out they were facing similar roadblocks: no supportive network, no role models, and dealing with stereotypes. That got me and Claudia thinking: Why not put some role models out there, share some practical advice, and help Latinas flip the script on those stereotypes?

This cause means a lot to me. As a Latina who's climbed the corporate ladder, I feel a responsibility to hold the door open for others and ensure everyone gets a fair shot. And, of course, I want my daughter—and every other young Latina—to have the same chances as anyone else. 

How do you shop for your clothes?

Claudia: I look for pieces that are versatile and timeless. I prefer investing in quality items that represent my personal brand of confidence and professionalism.

Cynthia: I've gotten into the habit of creating clothing capsules at the start of each season. It's like having a wardrobe uniform that I rotate through for a few months—keeps things simple and stylish!

What is your go-to outfit and why? 

Cynthia: My go-to outfit is all about blending business with casual vibes. During the week, you'll often find me rocking a business casual look. If I'm opting for jeans, I'll pair them with a chic blouse or a tailored blazer and finish off the look with some stylish flats. On days when I'm sporting pants or a skirt, I'll opt for comfy sneakers and a more laid-back top. This way, I strike the perfect balance—I'm the most formally dressed woman in my company, where jeans are the norm among the younger crowd, but I still feel totally at ease.

Claudia: Modern Mexican luxury style. A tailored blazer, comfortable yet stylish trousers, and a pair of statement shoes. This outfit transitions seamlessly from day to night, reflecting my dynamic lifestyle.

What is the thing about your wardrobe that gives you the most joy?  

Claudia: The collection of scarves I’ve gathered from around the world. Each has a story and brings a unique touch to my outfits, reminding me of my travels and the interconnectedness of our global community.

Cynthia: The item in my wardrobe that brings me the most joy is a stunning pink and white Mexican dress. I wore it during the weekend of my wedding, which was such a special occasion for me. On that day, I had the opportunity to take all my loved ones who traveled to Mexico to see the city I grew up in. The memories attached to that dress make it truly precious to me.

How does wearing a great pair of shoes make you feel? 

Cynthia: Powerful. Strong. Feminine. 

Claudia: Empowered and grounded. The right pair of shoes not only completes an outfit but also boosts my confidence, making me feel ready to take on any challenge.

Cynthia’s Shoe Lightning Round

  • Flats or heels? Flats for sure. I very rarely wear heels. I feel great when I do, but even better when I take them off.   
  • Brights or neutrals? Brights
  • Trends or classics? Classics
  • Pointy toe or round toe? Round

Claudia’s Shoe Lightning Round

  • Flats or Heels? Heels 
  • Brights or Neutrals? Neutrals
  • Trends or Classics? Classics
  • Pointy Toe or Round Toe? Pointy Toe

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