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Happy holidays! I can’t be alone in feeling like this time of year always seems to leave as quickly as it arrives.This year, I’m determined to savor every moment of the season with my family and loved ones. We’re getting some much needed time away (more on that below), and I’m so excited to enjoy a holiday away from the hustle and bustle.

Another thing I love about December is that I can reflect upon this year and be thoughtful about the year ahead. That’s why I’m also sharing my mantra for 2024, which feels particularly apt during these times.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations, and I’d love if you would share your own picks, too. My inbox is always open! 

Have a happy and safe holiday, 


Where I’m traveling: We're headed to Maui this year, one of my true happy places. It's our annual family trip and where we usually spend the holidays. We typically stay on the west side of Maui—actually quite close to Lahaina, the area that was devastated by fire over three months ago. Maui is welcoming back visitors, which makes me feel OK about going this year, knowing that we're going to support the local economy and continue to experience and respect this place that we love so much.

What I’m watching: I usually savor a particular show and save it up to watch while I'm in Maui. This year is no exception, and I'll be watching both The Gilded Age and The Crown

 What I’m reading: Holiday break is usually the time when I read something fun and entertaining. I just listened to a podcast with Barbra Streisand where she discussed her life and, of course, her new memoir, My Name is Barbra. That's definitely going to be on my reading list for Hawaii.

What I’m drinking: This year, I've been enjoying different types of Italian spritzes—one my new favorites is the Hugo spritz. But more recently, I've been enjoying the Lambrusco spritz.

What I’m wearing: For holiday parties and get-togethers with friends during this festive time, my go-to shoes are always the Luna Silver. They add a chic accent and shine, and literally work with any outfit—from dressing up denim with a fabulous top to a head-to-toe sequin dress. I feel put together and polished every time, and I've worn these again and again. They are the only heels I've worn that I can walk and stand in all night long.

What I’m saying: We're living in a challenging time, and I personally am going through a time of uncertainty and change that is causing anxiety about the future. This is a mantra that is painted on the wall of the yoga studio I go to: “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.” It means “May all beings be happy and free.” Given the state of the world right now, these words feel more profound and relevant than ever.


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