A Year Older and So Much Wiser… Happy Anniversary To Us!

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I set out to do something special with Bells & Becks. I was on a mission to address the needs of, dare I say it, “grownup women”, living vibrant, dynamic, and demanding lives that wanted something different in their wardrobe. I believed so strongly in this mission of addressing the needs of a woman at a different stage in her life, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally felt like my goals have been realized. 

Last year around this time, I came across this headline in the NY Times: “I Am (an Older) Woman. Hear Me Roar”, and I thought, "yaaaaas"!!!!! Older women, many of whom feel invisible and marginalized, are experiencing a new wave of power, influence, and simply put, relevance. And guess what? These women, often ignored and pushed aside by the surge of brands targeting millennials and Gen Z customers, are finally having their moment. All of this has been doubly validating for me as a second career (and I’ll dare say it again, older) female entrepreneur. 

Bells & Becks is making shoes for discerning women who are confident, comfortable in their own skin, and know what they want. Our customer has defined and refined her personal style over the years. She knows her body well and how to complement and accentuate the positive while loving all the folds and creases in between. She has great taste and projects a quiet confidence, which means that she stands out in the best kind of way.

So, yes, Bells & Becks is making shoes for a woman who has great style… but this is a woman who also has a very full and demanding life. She’s kind of doing it all: working, traveling, mothering, managing a household, mentoring, being a great partner, and supporting her friends. In other words, she has real style­–and real things to do. In the not so distant past, a woman with great style was expected to do it all in footwear that simply did not align with the “real things to do” part of this equation. We set out to change that and bring something beautiful, feminine, and unique that is also functional. In other words, our shoes are made to suit her style and her life.

The style piece is important. The shoes are made specifically for a customer that wants to stand out and be noticed, but in a particular kind of way. Bells & Becks shoes are:

  • artfully curated. They showcase tastefully bold details—nothing excessive or showy.
  • distinctively designed to deliver the unexpected and break through the sea of sameness.
  • refined and feminine—nothing clunky or heavy here.
Along with the quiet confidence that comes with age and maturity, there’s also an appreciation and expectation for serious quality.  That’s why Bells & Becks shoes are:
  • crafted in the best Italian factories by artisans who make shoes for some of the world’s most sought-after luxury brands. 
  • made with quality componentry and construction. We insist on the best leathers and exacting detail work. 
  • pure Luxury. The feel of luxury is present in every style—they feel good from the moment you slip them on, and when you wear them again and again. 

So, Spring is here and with it comes new arrivals (as always, we’re keeping it curated and special). Say hello to the beautiful Alessa slingback and our latest Bella mule.


Beautiful color, impeccable design details, and so comfortable, these new styles will no doubt be a great addition to any discerning woman’s wardrobe. We’ve also taken our best shoes and built on them—Lilla and Cellina have a facelift with new colors).

Elegance. Femininity. Craftsmanship. Bells & Becks shoes are for women who know that good taste is in the details—and that a distinctive, wearable, quality pair of shoes says a lot about you without you saying a word.

Stand out in the best kind of way and happy shopping!

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