Remarkable Resilience

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I've been struggling to figure out how to best express my feelings about what is happening both in Italy and right here at home.

I have such deep affection for Italy and for all of our Italian partners that are being impacted by COVID-19. In the last day, I started reading about ways that Italians are coming together, even during a time of extreme isolation to find healing and comfort in communal singing. How incredible and resilient is the human spirit!

During these most unprecedented times, I find so much comfort in the remarkable mobilization of our society, and the swift efforts taken right here at home in our local communities. Our ability to stand together in order to prioritize the health and well-being of our most vulnerable population over our individual comfort and economic prosperity is truly remarkable and inspires my faith. 

In terms of Bells & Becks, we are likely to be impacted in terms of delays with future deliveries and may run low in sizes on certain styles, so please bear with us as we manage through it all.

Finally, please take good care of yourselves during this time. Take care of your bodies, take care of your mental health, and if you feel like treating yourself, take care of your feet...

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