Effortless Luxury During This Unprecedented Time

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Fall is my favorite season of the year. Though I live in California and don’t really experience the true changing of the seasons, I still love the feeling of that shift to cooler air and the promise of shorter days and cozy times.

This year has been so hard on countless levels. The transition to Fall is nothing like what we expected. We are in the midst of a pandemic and dealing with challenges at every turn — home schooled kids, political turmoil, the fear of loved ones getting sick, and the tremendous impact of climate change on our daily lives. It’s a lot.

These days I’m in survival mode finding ways to get through the day. But I’m also trying to find pleasure in little things — a neighborhood walk, yoga stretching alongside my husband, baking bread, watching a movie with the kids, or munching on a perfect piece of dark chocolate. I indulge myself here and there because I need to find joy where I can. I’m clearing away clutter, removing anything that is overly complicated or difficult to deal with, and I’m focusing on the things that help me feel good.

This definitely applies to my wardrobe as well. I’m far more casual than I’ve ever been. What I’m wearing every day has to be easy and comfortable. Not surprisingly, my Bells & Becks work effortlessly into my outfit every time, but what’s more, they are effortless AND they make me feel good. They are usually the little pick me up in my outfit that I need to feel some sense of “normal” without having to put in much effort.

Here's a rare selfie I took a few days ago. All black required very little thought, and the shoes (Lilla stone) were the extra little something I needed that morning. Of course, no one saw my shoes on my zoom calls that day, but I felt good, and that's what mattered.

So in the midst of all of this chaos and trying to run a business that is rife with challenge, all I can do is focus on what we’ve always done and what we do best — effortless, chic luxury. We’ve kept the assortment very tight this season and added in classic colors of our best-sellers (hello Mirella in black) to keep things streamlined and simple.

Bells & Becks is about uncomplicated chic and effortless luxury. Right now, great shoes are a well-deserved indulgence, and most importantly, they are a way to find joy and good feeling throughout the day. Because we all need a little bit of that right now…  

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  • Love, love, love the Bells & Becks shoes. I just ordered my first pair – the grey booties with snakeskin toes and heels. Can’t wait for their arrival. Love the cute flats you’re wearing in this photo. Best wishes to you in the new year! …You’ll be seeing more orders from me. – Lisa Miller


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