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Hi friends,

I just returned from a trip to Milan and am still basking in its glow. I love how tradition and innovation are both so present in everything—the food, the fashion, the cocktails!—and of course, the shopping was over the top. Italian fashion is very much about constant reinvention, and I spent so much time admiring all the striking Spring designs in all the storefronts. And as always, I marveled at the effortless, pitch-perfect street style of the women in Milan. 

I hope the trip inspires you as much as it inspired me—and cheers to a beautiful start to the season!




​​No trip to Italy can go without mention of the food, and at the Milan outpost of Osteria Da Fortunata—an organic, woman-run restaurant first established in Rome in 1921—I had some of the most delicious pasta I’ve ever eaten. It’s remarkable that the business has been passed down through the generations and is owned by the founder’s great-granddaughter Iris, who, at 90 years old, still serves as head chef.


I really started upping my cocktail game; the cocktail bars in Milan are considered some of the best in the world and Nottingham Forest tops the list, with a focus on wild—and wildly original!—molecular techniques. The aperitivi culture has also been elevated to new heights, and one of my favorite spots for pre-meal cocktails and appetizers is Camparino; Campari originated in Milan, and this historic bar in the Galleria pays homage to the iconic Italian aperitivo.


We were in town for Valentine’s Day, and it's clear that the Italians are passionate about celebrating love: Everywhere we went there were breathtakingly beautiful cakes, chocolates, pastries, and floral arrangements.

I wore my burgundy Gianas on repeat for the whole trip. There’s something about these shoes that just feels right on the streets of Milan—the angled wedge heel adds an architectural interest, the pointed toe is elegant and feminine, and the rich color is its own sort of modern spin on a neutral. People often stop me on the street to ask me about them! And because they’re so comfortable I could easily walk all around the city in them. Perfetto.


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