The Women Who Inspire Me

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Our shoes are made by women, for women, and I spend so much time thinking about what—and who!—shapes our aesthetic. Here are just a few of the brilliant, stylish women that, to me, define the spirit of Bells & Becks: Classic, elegant—and always utterly unique.


What a style icon. I lived and worked in retail in New York City in the mid ‘90s when Carolyn Bessette was dating and later married JFK Jr. I was obsessed with Calvin Klein’s clean-lined, feminine minimalism at the time, and I loved how Carolyn Bessette embodied the look so effortlessly. She knew exactly the right way to pair classic pieces with something modern.

The shoe: The Lia


My grandmother had amazing taste, and always talked about the importance of feeling put-together (which she was herself, of course). She loved a good suit—it was her favorite way to feel chic. She lived out of the country, and I visited her every summer and for important family get-togethers. I remember buying my first dressy suit for one of those family celebrations: A beautiful deep tan wool with oversized, black velvet-covered buttons. She loved that suit on me, and I felt great wearing it.

The Shoe: The Sofia 

I’ve always admired her aesthetic so much—specifically, when she was First Lady and her girls were similar ages to my kids. Outside of the big, fancy events, I always saw her photographed in easy, chic, and often colorful flats. She had a very visible and important role, but she knew how to be realistic and comfortable in her day-to-day activities. She also helped to popularize J.Crew, which I was also obsessed with—these incredible classic styles, but always with a distinctive twist.

The Shoe: The Alina

I grew up in LA and was super into the movies when I was growing up. In our free time, all of my close friends and I would go to the movie theater—we also grew up in the movie rental era, and we’d watch movies at home on the weekends when we hung out. We saw everything, especially the old classics of the time, and we devoured every Audrey Hepburn film. There was a playful elegance to her style, and something so magnetic about her. For me, it was all about Breakfast at Tiffany’s (obsessed—I’ve probably seen it 50 times!) and Roman Holiday, naturally.

The Shoe: The Barbra

My mom was definitely a fashionista in her day and also had impeccable taste (which she learned from her mother!). She was never overly accessorized, and usually went with something very sleek and simple. I love that her shoes always perfectly matched the outfit in these old photos!

The Shoe: The Aurora

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