Scenes From a Photoshoot

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This week, I was behind the scenes at the first Bells & Becks photoshoot focused on bringing the product to life. It was a complex and eye-opening experience. 

Here’s what I always knew, but was reminded of all over again this week:

  • Laydown shoe photography is complex and takes time
  • Lighting matters a lot
  • Seeing the shoes on a foot makes a big difference
  • It takes a team of talented individuals to create something beautiful

Shoes is a unique category because the photography must convey all the technical aspects of how the shoe fits. “Lay down” photography that shows all angles is so important. We spent hours meticulously placing the shoes in exactly the right spot to get the best angles and showcase all the quality details of each shoe. 

Our art director painstakingly moved the shoes over and over just to get the perfect positioning, and to show the shoes from every angle.


A methodical prep process was a must. Our photographer worked tirelessly to get the proper lighting to enhance the shoes. One of my favorites, this gold pointy-toe beauty, was quite the challenge to light properly so that the gold didn’t look too brassy and we were able to zoom in on the quality of the pebble leather detail.

The process to achieve amazing lay down photography is in some ways like the way the shoes themselves are made, slow and methodical. You can’t rush greatness. If done properly, shoes become art.

Seeing the shoe on a model shows how it fits the foot and enhances an outfit. The funny thing is I’ve seen countless shoe models in action at footwear shows over the years. But working with a model on a photoshoot was an entirely different experience. Nailing the perfect pose that flatters and enhances is not as easy as it looks. 

Over the years, I’ve come to deeply appreciate and admire creative talent. I know it when I see amazing product or something beautiful that is visually compelling. This passionate team made it all look easy, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them.

I can’t wait for the end result and to see Bells & Becks shoes comes to life. It won’t be long now!!!

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