Shoe Samples At Thanksgiving- What a Difference a Year Makes

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A year ago, today, I was working at my corporate job running digital merchandising for a billion-dollar business. My team starting planning for Cyber Weekend nearly a year in advance. Last year, we delivered another banner holiday weekend. At the time, it was gratifying for me- running a big business, seeing the customer respond to product, and delivering a great site experience after all that insane planning felt like a job well done.

But today, everything is different. It’s Cyber Monday, I’m working on Bells & Becks, and I couldn’t be more excited about what I’m doing.  The passion I feel today completely overshadows anything I’ve ever felt working on any other business.

On Thanksgiving, my good friends joined our family for a wonderful day of hanging out and eating. They also got a taste of some beautiful footwear. We had a little shoe party- reviewing shoe samples, trying them on, and talking about what works and what doesn’t. Thanksgiving was extra special for me because I could share shoe samples with my good friends who know and care about me and are rooting for Bells & Becks.

Over the last few days, new Bells & Becks samples have started to trickle in to my office, and today, I received the best package of shoe samples yet.

A box from Italy arrived at my doorstep, and I think about how far it traveled to get here and what the contents inside represent for me. I opened the box, and that familiar smell of leather streamed out.  Some shoes are executing perfectly. They are exactly what I had envisioned in my mind. Others are not quite right, but I see the possibility and the wheels are turning in my brain.

Bottom line, nothing can compare to the excitement and passion I’m feeling about launching Bells & Becks. With every new sample that arrives, the assortment is coming together- beautiful metallics, light blue as a pop color, velvet in combination with leather, a bootie that feels like butter on my foot.

I’m pouring my heart and soul into Bells & Becks because this is personal for me. Working on my shoe line at Thanksgiving and sharing my excitement with loved ones is part of the journey that is inspiring me along the way. I love footwear and can’t wait to bring my vision for Bells & Becks to life. I’m hopeful and excited for the future…

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