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Shoes are my passion. I’ve loved them my entire life, and I’m one of the lucky few that had the opportunity to turn that passion into a career.

Over the last many years, I started to see a pattern emerging in the US market – so much of the same product everywhere resulting from mass production (a “sea of sameness), and a downgrade in quality as retailers focus on price and promotion. Finding something that was truly differentiated and high quality was nearly impossible in the US.

But Europe is a totally different story. My inspiration for Bells & Becks came on a merchandising trip in Italy where I discovered a world of unique, high-quality footwear that just wasn’t being sold in the U.S. After 25 years in the retail business, I decided that it was time to bring that thrill of discovery to customers back home.

Bells & Becks is the realization of a lifelong dream to combine my expertise, passion, and taste to make distinctive luxury shoes that are both wearable and feminine – a rare combination. I am a woman making shoes for women. The collection, my collection, is a reflection of my personal point of view about the very best shoes that are beautiful, break through the sea of sameness, and deliver on something hard to find.

Here are some of the key attributes that I believe make Bells & Becks shoes special.

Distinctive Style

Bells & Becks is an artfully curated collection with distinctive design that delivers on something unique. The shoes are tastefully bold, not excessive or showy – the kind that stand out in the very best way. Different than so much of the gender-neutral product that is out there, Bells & Becks reflects a modern femininity and refinement. We will always incorporate bold color and unique details so the shoes will always have that “soul” that makes them special.

Wearable Luxury

Bells & Becks solves a real problem for women who care about finding quality product that is both wearable for real life but also genuinely stylish. I set out to design shoes for modern women that lead incredibly busy, well-rounded lives who require versatility in their wardrobe. The collection offers go-to wearable shoes for looking put-together, whether you are on the go running errands, at work going from meeting to meeting, on vacation walking all day, at a conference, or heading to dinner with friends.

Quality Craftsmanship at Fair Prices

When I set out to start Bells & Becks, I wanted to deliver on something that feels like luxury – designer-quality footwear that happens to be at a price that doesn’t break the bank. I’m proud to say that Bells & Becks shoes are produced in some of the best Italian factories by artisans who make shoes for the world’s most sought-after luxury brands. They are made with the best leathers, best outsoles, best insoles, and the most exacting detail work.

Bells & Becks shoes are sold directly to consumer, the new way. By eliminating the middleman markup, I’m able to deliver on designer quality at fair and accessible prices.


Bells & Becks represents something very personal because it was born from my passion and experiences. I’m building a business on my own terms. I’m so excited and proud to be bringing distinctive, luxury footwear to the market. A lifelong dream realized! Now that we’re live, please shop the collection, follow us on Instagram, like us on facebook, and share with your friends…

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  • I have a narrow foot and questioning if your slides and flats will be too wide !
    Great article in SF Sunday edition ! I would have never heard about your success otherwise !

    Susan Banker on
    So WONDERFUL to read about YOUR PASSION! I can’t wait find a pair for my first purchase… Wishing you much success!

    Teri A Menchini on

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