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Bells & Becks is a luxury shoe collection that stands out in terms of both aesthetic and quality. My years of experience taught me that exceptional quality is the difference between “pretty good” and “great” in terms of the feel of the shoe when you wear it, the line of the shoe that flatters the foot, and the details that are executed perfectly. True luxury means that a shoe has “soul”— an almost indefinable element that gives it both personality and that extra something that makes it special. 

Here’s what makes Bells & Becks shoes stand apart from the rest:

The Details

Quality construction is all about the details. If you pay close attention to a Bells & Becks shoe, you’ll find smooth, clean stitching, hardware and other ornamentation that is perfectly positioned (stitched vs. glued), and components such as insoles, outsoles, and heels that are precisely constructed and placed. I insist on an unbroken line on a shoe, e.g. no side seams, which requires a traditional leather cutting technique that is a tell-tale sign of quality componentry.

Every Bells & Becks shoe has an element of special, whether it’s a gold heel, pebble grain leather that adds dimension, a touch of velvet, or artfully placed studs. These details are the elements that add the unexpected twist. Sophisticated femininity is the luxury aesthetic that we deliver with every shoe.

Fit and Comfort

The Mirella and the Beatricia are “lavorazione a Sacchetto” (made with a sacchetto construction), a rare, old-world shoemaking technique done by only a few Italian factories as extreme precision is required. It involves hand stitching the lining and the insole together and then sewing this piece to the upper of the shoe. The result is a flexible sole that adapts to movement and the curvature of the foot, a better structure to the shoe for maximal foot support, and of course, unparalleled fit and comfort.

The Mirella is surprisingly comfortable for a mule (backless shoe) which can sometimes be hard to walk in. The shoe’s upper provides enough coverage on the foot so that there’s no slippage. The tassels are the unique element that adds a level of sophistication and “cool” factor that sets the style apart. It’s the sacchetto construction, though, that really takes this style and upgrades it to another level of comfort.

The Best Leathers

Materials are absolutely critical, and from my perspective, leather is the only option. Leather is just plain better for feet because it “breathes” and softens over time to mold to the foot, which is inevitably a more comfortable feel. Leather shoes have a richness that can’t be matched by synthetics, and if cared for properly, they are far more durable and can last for years. All Bells & Becks componentry is made entirely from leather— the insole, the lining, and the outsole. We use different leathers depending on the look and feel we are going for.

The Beatricia bootie, for example, is made from the most supple leathers and soft suedes. It is an unlined bootie which allows for the softness of the leather to come through and fully mold to the foot with no pinching or rubbing. The feel of the leather is unmatched… hard to understand until it’s on the foot.

Shoe-making is a complex craft that requires precision and care. Bells & Becks shoes are made well. We've chosen to work with incredible factories in Italy that produce shoes for many brand-name designers whose capabilities are unmatched. An Italian shoe made well is really a work of wearable art, and that’s what Bells & Becks is all about – sophisticated styling, impeccable attention to detail, highest quality leathers and componentry, and ultimately, the feel of luxury that gives only the very best shoes their “soul”.

Comfort Fit Luxury Quality Sacchetto

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