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Architectural Shapes Are Taking Over

There's so much newness happening with shoe shapes this season. There's a definite architectural influence (which we love) in both square toes as well as new and exciting heel treatments. 

Square Toes:

Toe shapes vary from season to season. Pointy toes have been important for a while (and in my book, always will be), but we’re starting to see the emergence of square shapes with a nod to vintage, but of course, done in a more contemporary way. We're seeing it especially in barely there strappy sandals, but it's starting to translate to other silhouettes as well:

Bells & Becks has introduced a few shoes that showcase this new toe shape not only because it’s very modern and feels new, but also because it’s of course super wearable and comfortable.

Round Heels:

Just as toe shapes morph over time, so do heel shapes. There is so much out there in terms of extreme architectural details. It’s very exciting to see how shoes continue to emerge as an art form. This is the season of the heel. It's all beautiful and exciting:

We are excited to experiment a bit as well, but in our case, we're doing things in a more accessible way with round heels that feel totally modern and feminine. Check these out:

This is a great season to experiment and try something new. Bells & Becks will always be there with just the right not to the trend that feels relevant and modern but still classic and chic. 

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