From Tamar’s Desk: October Edition

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Hi there,

I’m thrilled to be chatting with you during one of my favorite times of the year. October is a beautiful time of year in Northern California where I live—the weather’s just a little bit crisper early in the morning, but the days are still gorgeous enough for long walks or to sit outside for a glass of wine.

I try to regularly set aside moments to recharge, a practice I’ve found to be so important for my overall efficiency and work (but always easier said than done when you are balancing a business with a family). When I’m offline you can typically find me in the corner of my family room, reading or watching TV. I’ve remained a big Peloton fan, too, and have some teachers I particularly love following.

All of my current favorites are below—I hope you enjoy the recommendations, and I’d love it if you reached out and returned the favor. I’m always curious what other smart, ambitious, and fabulous women are watching, reading, and doing. 



10% Happier was recommended to me by a sleep expert I befriended on vacation. Getting stress-less tips on mindfulness in an engaging, memoir-esque book feels like a literary efficiency.

I love documentaries and just started Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones on Netflix. It’s about areas of the world where people are living longer and happier, and I’ve read such good things about it.

I’m still having a love affair with my air-fryer, and this salmon recipe from the New York Times has been on regular rotation.


The Luna is my go-to right now. I’ve stashed my sandals until next spring, but I’ll keep wearing a sling back until it officially gets too chilly.

I’m team Peloton, all the way. My favorite teachers are Aditi Shah and Kristin McGee.

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