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The next installment in the latest blog series focused on trends, and specifically the colors of the season, is dedicated to another bright color: YELLOW!

Yellow is one of the “it” colors this Spring.  Cheery yellows were all over the Spring fashion runways, and we’ve seen it on celebrities and red carpet looks, which generally means that it’s going to be an important color all season long. Marigold yellow is the dominant shade for the season. 

First, let me just say in all honestly that yellow is not my color. I never wear it (looks awful on me, whereas pink looks great), but I understand that with the right skin tone, yellow is super chic and fun.

In footwear, yellow translates beautifully to an easy pop of color that adds spice to any outfit and pairs perfectly with denim. What’s really new for the season is colored metallics, and in particular, Bells & Becks loves how metallic yellow translates to a vibrant but new looking gold for the season.

While I don't typically sport yellow that easily, I can see myself testing the ground with our vibrant yellow metallic this season. I’ll be wearing it with cargo pants for sure (a lot happening with olive/military apparel styles this Spring, so check that out as well). 

And because yellow is such a vibrant, happy color, it's best translated in materials that take saturated color really well. We particularly love it in suede, and this season, we've excited about that pop in our newest mule, the Serena.  

And of course, the most traditional pairing is back to denim, for a classic, preppy look. 


So bottom line is... don't be afraid to give yellow a try this Spring!

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